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At THE ARTIST’S GALLERY, you will discover our exhibit of approximately 150 art pieces. Visitors are welcome to browse and reflect on art and culture. We encourage conversation and enjoy the opportunity to convey detail relating to an art piece and/or a particular artist.


In Addition to our main gallery, we occasionally do private exhibits for special events. We also participate in Art Shows and art related Trade Shows.


 Scheduled Exhibits:

  • Bruno Marcelloni  --     June, 2015 through  January, 2016
  • Massimo Panfili     --     July, 2014  through  April, 2016
  • Angelo Dottori       --     June, 2014  through  April,  2016
  • Giovanna Greco    --     April, 2014 extended indefinitly
  • Tullia Caporicci     --     Part of our permanent collection
  • Second annual Art Show at the M H R - November 1st & 2nd2014                               Works by:  A. Dottor M. Panfili, G. Greco, T. Caporicci       



The Artist’s Gallery is proud to announce our exhibit for the works of Italian Artists,



Bruno Marcelloni, was born and raised in Assisi, Umbria region, the heart of Italy. At an early age art and color were a significant part of his life. He was a student of Eugen Dragutescu, in Rome. Later in life, for a period of 4 years he studied with the American artist, William Congdon.

During his career he taught at the accademia di Belle Arti di Perugia in Perugia, Italy. In the 1960's Bruno Marcelloni exhibited his works at the Robert Duncan gallery in Paris. In 1969 while traveling in the United States and visiting the NY Museum of Modern Art, he was drawn to the genre of abstract art.

Over the years Mr. Marcelloni has exhibited his work throughout Italy and in many other countries. We at THE ARTIST'S GALLERY, San Francisco are proud and happy to have the opportunity to exhibit 5 pieces assigned to our gallery. The art pieces are representative of his work from the year 2000 through 2009. These works reflect his more than 50 years of artistic endeavor and his mastery of technique, with tridimentional use of tone and color.

An opening reception was held on Thursday, June 18, 2015. Invited guests included interior design professionals, clients and art enthusiasts within our community.



Willpower, determination, dedication, preserving and constant work, a continues research of techniques and of raw materials: that is what Massimo Panfilli is all about. The artist has become aware that at the present time artistic creativity has become independent from his own will, giving him the opportunity to create evocative images coming directly from his own self.

In his latest paintings and sculptures it is possible to find a new common inspiration, nourished by research of different materials and techniques. Inspiration means introspection, acombination of formal research, continuous interior dialogue with the self , investigation of the universe's spirit and a human being's analysis of his own essence. In his latest paintings versatility of oil colors and the use of different raw materials have blended. In his latest sculptures ordinary materials(such as rusted iron, travertine, metal sheets,...) are used to express symbolism, philosophic refrences and metaphors.

The artist wants us to follow him to his own personal universe, where the spirit seems to have become remote and infinite, a place where something deep will emerge and come about, something that has has been and will be rediscovered through the artistic effort and the beauty of being part of the universe. The artist's creative spirit finds its communicative energy via vibrant bright colors (such as flames of red and orange tones, the deepness of blue shades and the sharpness of yellow and whites), and the use of strong vertical iron and metal structures and a powerful mix of inert elements that becomes alive.



This exhibit, previously scheduled for June, 2014 through April 30, 2015 has been extended through  April, 2016.

Angelo Dottori, was born in Petrignano, Italy. An area within the commumity of Assisi, on March 7, 1955. He currently lives and works in Bastia Umbra, a few miles from Assisi.

After completing his high school degree in humanities, followed by a University Degree, in 1983 he began his career as an advertising graphic designer, illustrator and decorator.

Painting, as well as music (he's an accomplished guitarist and singer) have always been his greatest passions. As a young boy he developed a remarkable skill at sketching and using colors.

During his high school years he would paint in his leisure time, exploring a wide range of stylistic solutions. But it was in 1997 that he indefatigably began to seek out his own expressive identity as an artist.  He participated in group exhibitions and organizing a number of solo exhibitions. He developed an instantly recognizable technique and his own chromatic world that currently enables him to paint in a very distinctive and modern way without ever being exceedingly photographic.

Dottori has participated in many competitions throughout Italy.  He has often won awards and the favor of the public with critical acclaim.  Among those who have reviewed his work are Giovanni Zavarella, Luciano Lepri, and Alberto D'Atanasio.

His Works can be found in many private and public art collections both in Italy and abroad.  In 2014 he decided to become a full time painter and a professional artist.  



This exhibit, previously scheduled for April 1 through April 30, 2014 is now being extended through April 30, 2016.

Giovanna Greco, was born in Carpignano Salentino (Lecce), Italy. She started painting for pleasure and has continued with a passion, having accomplished amazing results. Her work is valued throughout Italy by art dealers and curators. The Italian art critic Luciano Lepri speaking for her, wrote: "Seems to me that Greco's painting, which after a long meditation decided to open up to the world, essentially reflecting her life story, as a fairytale. In a mysterious way, the landscapes, trees, and flowers participate in the destiny of her fairytale. Originating from the fecund mines of her soul, her sensibility and her very special feelings. It is the very special feeling that let the artist manifest her world, enchanted and poetic, made of nostalgic memories, dreams and desires where the artist's poetic expression connotates an abstract meaning."



AT :   SPREADZ CAFE  -  Located in the COLUMBIA PROPERTY TRUST BUILDING                                                                                        221 Main Street, San Francisco, CA 94105

We are pleased to have the opportunity to exhibit the works of ANGELO DOTTORI and TULLIA CAPORICCI,  at this facility in the financial district of San Francisco.

Spreadz Cafe will host this exhibit through January, 2016.




Photos of  -- Art Show and Reception -- Thursday , June 18, 2015                                          5:00-8:00pm Featuring the works of Bruno Marcelloni

We have exhibited the works of Bruno Marcelloni at The Artist's Gallery since June 12, 2015.

We are very pleased with the turnout for the reception and the enthusiastic response from invited guests.

We will continue to exhibit the Bruno Marcelloni collection through January,  2016.



Photos of  -- Art Show and Reception -- Sunday , November 23, 2014                                          2:00-8:00pm Featuring the works of Massimo Panfili

We have exhibited the works of Massimo Panfili at The Artist's Gallery since July 5, 2014.

We are very pleased with the positive comments received from visitors to our Gallery. On Sunday November 23rd, we hosted a reception on Mr. Panfili's behalf with invited guests including interior design proffessionals as well as some local artists.

We will continue to exhibit the Panfili collection through April,  2016.




The Artist's Gallery exhibit at the M H R

Second annual Art show

Saturday, November 1st  4:00 pm - 7:00pm

Sunday, November 2nd   9:00 pm - 3:00pm

Works of art by Italian artists:

Angelo Dottori, Massimo Panfili, Giovanna Greco, Tullia Caporicci


Photos of  -- Art Show and Reception -- Friday, June 20, 2014 - 5:00-8:00pm                     Featuring the work of Giovanna Greco and Angelo Dottori


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